Las Vegas Casino Winners

Las Vegas Casino Winners

What could be more heartwarming than an average Joe making it big at a casino? Here are the stories of those lucky Las Vegas casino winners. Vegas millionaire gamblers that became instant millionaires, by winning the big bucks in Vegas casinos.

Nothing about Kathy Losada’s life was extraordinary. She was just an ordinary mother of two working in the Health Care industry. But that was until she hit the $2.6 Million Mega jackpot playing the Wheel of Fortune. This mother of two was ecstatic that this winning had opened the door for a collage education for her two children along with a brand new car. As for herself, Kathy went shopping… big time! She is now a full time soccer mom that takes care of her children. Go girl you deserve it!!

There is another winning story of a man for whom the winning may not change his life but maybe his life style. Robert Baker, a cab driver by profession was more than happy to display his large ceremonial check to the crowd. What did he win? Oh well nothing much, just $3.2 Million bucks!! His game of luck was a theme based slot. Mr. Baker says that nothing can keep him grounded than getting back behind the wheel... That would be the cab’s steering wheel. His winning ranks as the largest win on a nickel slot. The next time you are in Vegas and you hail a cab, don’t be shocked if you find a Lincoln Town car approaching you. It could be Vegas millionaire gambler, Robert Baker.

Who could have been as lucky as Kyle De Villier from Texas? For this 43 year old Game Warden it was just another day at the casino as he played only $6 with $7 remaining in credits, when luck struck. His choice of game was also the Wheel of Fortune slot and his winning amount was a massive $8,718,983. Kyle says that the winning money will contribute towards a larger house and a college education for his children.

Don’t waste time! Looks like Caspar always believed in this. He thought that instead of waiting he ought to try another slot game, and he was definitely rewarded well for this. How much was he rewarded with? A whooping $1,161,019 from a slot jackpot was what this lucky winner walked home with. Caspar J Guida is one lucky Vegas millionaire gambler!

It may be a dream to win a jackpot, but winning jackpots are not a fantasy. Some of the casinos that you can try your luck of winning a jackpot include Casino Las Vegas, Crazy Slots Casino, Slots Oasis Casino, Swiss Casino and Noble casino. Those jackpots and big money wins are waiting at these fabulous online casinos. All you have to do is play there and who knows, your winning story could be the next one that people read about on this website.